Surprising Facts About E-A-T & SEO

Surprising Facts About E-A-T & SEO

Learn what you need to know about E-A-T and how to apply its principles to every webpage you publish, to benefit your SEO strategy.

WordPress SEO Tutorial for Beginners (Search Engine Optimization Basics)

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of WordPress SEO and how to use its built-in features in combination with the Yoast SEO plugin.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) which was commonly used as a blogging platform. But it has developed into much more than that.

It is now used by millions to create all sorts of websites from ecommerce websites to business websites and more.

WordPress SEO is no different than just regular search engine optimization. WordPress is a tool that makes traditional SEO techniques and strategies easier to implement and technically sound.

In this tutorial you’ll learn:

1. How to choose a WordPress theme without compromising technical SEO.
2. Whether you should choose HTTP or HTTPS as well as www vs. non-www versions.
3. The “optimal” permalink structure and how to set it up.
4. Basic plugin configuration for Yoast SEO.
5. The difference between posts and pages.
6. What the title and custom URL features mean from an SEO perspective.
7. On-page optimization best practices with the WYSIWYG editor
8. On-post/page Yoast SEO settings.
9. Using pages to manipulate your URL structure.

This is the first video in a two-part series. The next video will cover advanced SEO techniques using WordPress. &index=2 &list=PLvJ_dXFSpd2sVgHHmbCMaoJPhepJeJjNl

Additional Resources:
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1:15 How to select a WordPress theme and domain versions
2:55 Set up the “optimal” permalinks structure
4:43 How to create a post and formate it with the WYSIWYG editor
7:36 Set up the on-post/page Yoast SEO settings.
8:44 Use pages to manipulate your URL structure.

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SEO 2021 & How to Use Google’s Insights to Enhance Website Performance #SEO #nancyburgess

SEO Enthusiast Nancy Burgess, owner of Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing Inc. teaches you step by step how to check the performance of your website using Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Know important Google algorithm ranking signals for 2021. Understand what Google algorithm changes are coming in March and May of 2021. Discover different ways to get on Google, such as GMB, PPC, and organic SERP, and why Google matters so much for search engine optimization. From basic SEO to detailed use of tools. #SearchEngineOptimization #DigitalMarketing #WebsiteDesign #WebsiteDevelopment

0:00 Learning Objectives
1:23 Why Does SEO Matter
8:40 How Does SEO and Getting on Google Work
9:35 Ranking Factors in the Algorithm
19:34 Google Analytics & Acquisition Source
25:41 Google Analytics & Page Content Views
28:37 Google Analytics & Relative Page Load Speed
29:20 Page Load Speed
33:26 Google Search Console
34:31 Google Search Console Overview
34:48 Google Search Console Performance
38:31 Google Search Console URL Inspection
39:25 Google Search Console Coverage
41:27 Google Search Console Sitemap
42:24 Google Search Console Removal
43: 49 Google Search Console Core Web Vitals
44:30 Google Search Console Mobile Usability
45:20 Google Search Console Site Links
45:55: Google Search Console Links (External Links and Internal Links)
50:02 Q &A

Local SEO Step By Step Guide 2021

Learn local SEO step by step in this guide for 2021 and tips for ranking on Google.

I will cover a ton o local SEO tips in this video regarding local SEO. Everything from speed for your local website and the local websites setup for all of the pages. Along with the local schema markup for a local business along with other types of schema that are important.

I will also talk about the tools needed to run a website including a CMS , Speed enhancements , Schema , Titles , Meta, On-Page and Off Page for a local business SEO campaign. The episode will be jammed packed.

Along with the basics of a local SEO campaign I will cover my plans for the outline of the campaign and looking at competitors to get overall advice for page layout and how I want the site to flow for the best rankings and usability.

Local SEO Consulting:

This is a step by step project I am working through in this local tips video but along with that I answered any local SEO or search marketing questions that you had.

If you have further questions related to search engine optimization for your local business feel free to ask below. I am always more than happy to assist you with local or any other digital marketing questions.

0:00 Local SEO

Chris Palmer SEO – Digital Marketing
30 W Broad St fl2
Tamaqua PA 18252
(570) 810-1080

Algorithmic Turbulence, Recipe Sites & Rich Results + SEO News – Search News Podcast – Nov. 27 2019

In this episode, Marie discusses the latest news in the world of SEO, including:

November algorithm turbulence
The November 8 update: Should you disavow?
New GSC reporting for product pages
Recipe sites suffering due to new rich results previews
Can you remove a link by blocking the target page in robots.txt?
More on “indexed, though blocked in robots.txt”
If you have an AMP and non-AMP version which is used when Google determines page speed?
Should you use internal links for references, or a list at the end of your article?
Why do links removed with the URL removal tool sometimes come back?
Recipe sites. This bug may cause pages to be deindexed.
Q &A: Are links from copied content containing a fragment unnatural?

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