Link Building Fundamentals

Link Building Fundamentals

Discover the fundamentals of how and why search engines may use links and some of the best practices for cultivating links.

SEO Backlinks Tutorial | SEO Link Building Tutorial | Simplilearn

Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node. ��Free SEO Course: &utm_medium=Description &utm_source=youtube

Digital Marketing Certified Associate Training (DMCA): &utm_medium=SC &utm_source=youtube

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Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA) is a course designed by the industry experts to help you get a complete 360-degree knowledge in the digital marketing domain. This course not only ensures that the learners become complete digital marketer but also makes sure that they are industry ready and well-qualified for their next big career move. After taking this course, the learners will acquire the right skills through extensive hands-on practice on a wide range of simulations and projects that will enable them to launch and execute their own Digital Marketing campaigns.

Our courses are tailor-made for a practical learning where the participants can get hands-on experience in the latest and the best of Digital Marketing tools. Additionally, our Digital Marketing course will prepare the learners for the most sought-after certification exams like OMCA (OMCP), Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Twitter Marketing.

What are the course objectives?
This course will enable you to:
1. Gain an in-depth understanding of the various digital marketing disciplines: search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), Website Conversion Rate Optimization, web analytics, content marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, programmatic buying, marketing automation and digital marketing strategy.
2. Master digital marketing execution tools: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Advertising, and YouTube Marketing.
3. Become a virtual digital marketing manager for an e-commerce company with Mimic Pro simulations included in our course. Practice SEO, SEM, Website Conversion Rate Optimization, email marketing and more.
4. Gain real-life experience by completing projects using Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing, and YouTube Marketing.
5. Learn how to formulate, plan, and execute effective digital marketing strategies with our digital marketing strategy module.
6. Prepare for top digital marketing certification exams such as OMCA, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing, and YouTube Marketing certifications.
7. Become an expert in Twitter advertising—we developed the Twitter advertising module in this course in partnership with Twitter.

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What Is Link Building & How To Do It | Complete SEO Link Building Guide For Beginners

In this video, you’ll learn what Link Building is & why Link Building is important for SEO.

For even more detail:

If you’ve done any research into SEO, you’ll have come across link building.

In this video, you’ll learn exactly what link building is and how it works.
We’ll also go through the various link building strategies you can apply to greatly boost your SEO and improve your ranking in the search results.

// What Is Link Building & Why Is It Important?

Link building is a type of off-site SEO and is the conscious act of getting other websites to link back to yours, so the act of building backlinks.

By building backlinks from other relevant and authoritative websites, you can improve your relevance and authority on any given subject in the eyes of Google.

This is vital if you want to rank well in the search results.

// Follow & Nofollow links

When someone adds a link to their website, it’s “dofollow” by default. However, they have the option to set it as “nofollow”.

Google uses its own intelligence to decide the value or a nofollow link, rather than simply throwing down a blanket statement of “let’s ignore all nofollows”.

Both nofollow and dofollow links are both an important part of a healthy link profile.

// 3 Types Of Link Building
Now let’s explore the 3 types of link building that’ll make a difference to your ranking:
– Natural Editorial Link Building
– Outreached Link Building
– Self-Created, non-editorial link building

// 10 Link Building Strategies

There are 10 link building strategies being used as of right now.
– Blogger Outreach
– Guest Posting
– Niche Edits
– Skyscraper Outreach
– Infographic Outreach
– Broken Link Building
– Content Syndication
– Local Business Citations
– Press Release Distribution
– Natural Link Building

// Measuring The Value Of A Link
You can measure the value of a link in many ways using tools such as Moz and Ahrefs.

You’ll want to ensure that you’re targeting websites with a range of DA or DR scores, focusing on the highest quality possible of course.

If you want to know more about the link building strategies mentioned in this video, head over to

00:00 Intro to Link Building Strategies
00:30 What Is Link Building & Why Is It Important?
02:19 Dofollow & Nofollow Links
04:54 3 Types Of Link Building
06:35 10 Link Building Strategies
11:25 Measuring The Value Of A Link
12:33 Outro

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The Best Link Building Strategy For New Sites

�� When you have a site with very low authority, it’s important you build that authority as quickly as you can.

And this is where link building comes into place.

Link building, especially for new sites, helps people build DR… and the higher is the DR, the better is the ranking. ��

But, be careful, only relevant & high- authority links can help you succeed!

In other words, forget about quantity- go for the quality.

So… are you ready to start building links?

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions, I would be happy to help. ��

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Link Building for a New Website: 5 Actionable Ways to Get More Backlinks

Having a heard time getting links? Learn 5 actionable link building strategies to get powerful backlinks even if no one knows who you are.

Additional Link Building Resources

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Link Building Tutorials (Step-By-Step) ►

In this tutorial, you’ll learn which links you should focus on creating first if you have a brand new website. We’ll also show you how to progressively get more powerful links as you build your brand and credibility.

Let’s assume you currently have zero backlinks. The first thing you should do is to build links to your homepage.

The first strategy is to build citations. Citations are online mentions of your business. We’ll teach you how to find these opportunities.

Next is to try and acquire high-quality, authority backlinks. We’ll show you the exact method on how you can get links from top publications like Forbes and The New York Times.

The third strategy is podcasts. Podcasts are always on the lookout for interesting guests and will typically provide a link back to the guest’s homepage. You’ll learn some strategies on how to find these opportunities so you can pitch yourself as a guest.

Now, links to your homepage alone won’t be enough to build sustainable and growing traffic. You’ll also need links to your pages.

How do you do that?

Sam will teach you two link building strategies you can use to get page-level backlinks.

These link building strategies should help your new website build authority, credibility, and trust over time — which will help you get backlinks much easier in the future.

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