How to Build Links for Bing vs. Google

How to Build Links for Bing vs. Google

Building links for Bing differs from link building for Google. Here's how to create one strategy that will help you optimize for both search engines.

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Bing’s IndexNow For WordPress, Google SEO Topics, Links In 2022 & More

It was a slow start to 2022 but I guess that is welcomed by most of you – I have my January 2022 Google webmaster report live, if you took off at all, you will want to read it and catch up there. Microsoft Bing released a WordPress plugin to easy allow WordPress sites to add IndexNow capabilities. Google Search Console products rich results report has been updated. Google said different languages quality on your site can impact other language sections on your site. Google said pages that look like error pages can be considered soft 404s and drop out of the index. Google said stock levels should not impact your rankings. Google said there is no need to nofollow internal links to pages that have affiliate links on them. Google said you can ignore link reports that show “toxic” links. Google said keyword density is still not a thing in 2022. Google may be showing more web stories in the top stories carousel. If you work for a dealership, you can list your cars for sale in Google local results. Google is testing a read full answer button in the people also ask. Google is testing a blue search bar header. Google is also testing a new design for visual stories and trending searches on Google Discover. Are you trying to add exact match keywords to your Google Ads campaigns and Google is saying no, they will be added as broad match? Also, Google’s John Mueller on New Years was helping SEOs and site owners. Google AdSense has resumed the related search experiments after eight months, it was suppose to be paused for only two months. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

0:00 – Introduction
0:49 – January 2022 Google Webmaster Report :
1:21 – IndexNow WordPress Plugin Released By Microsoft Bing :
2:05 – Google Search Console Products Rich Result Report Updated :
2:32 – Google: Quality Of Your Languages On Your Multilingual Site Can Impact Each Other :
3:23 – Google: Pages That Look Like Error Pages Can Be Considered Soft 404s :
4:08 – Google: Stock Levels Should Not Impact Search Rankings :
5:19 – Google: Rel Sponsored Not Needed For Internal Links To Affiliate Product Reviews :
6:01 – Google: Ignore Toxic Links, Some Tools Make The Wrong Assumptions :
6:16 – Google: Keyword Density Still Not An SEO Search Ranking Factor :
6:37 – Google May Be Showing More Web Stories In Top Stories :
6:59 – Cars For Sale On Google Business Profiles :
7:34 – Google People Also Ask With Read Full Answer Button :
7:47 – Google Search Tests Blue Header :
7:52 – Google Tests New Visual Stories Designs :
7:58 – Google Discover Tests New Look For Trending Searches :
8:09 – Trying To Adds Exact Match Keywords To Google Ads? Google Says Nope, We’re Adding Broad Match Keywords :
8:35 – Google AdSense Resumes Related Search Experiments After 8 Months :
8:56 – John Mueller Of Google Helping Webmasters On New Years 2022 :
9:15 – Conclusion

How I Get Top Page Rankings Domination at Google vs Bing vs Yahoo | Which is Easier?

See my search engine rankings for my website and youtube videos at google, bing, and yahoo. Which search engine is easier to rank at? The results may surprise you!

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�� Bing vs. Google – is Bing really better & should you switch now?

Google has been the champion of search for as long as most people can remember. Has Google gotten lazy and let Bing, a crafty upstart owned by Microsoft, take the lead in search? We’ll explore who is winning across multiple criteria, including market share, name recognition (obviously Google wins here), popular queries, tail queries, video search, image search, and many more. Bing has a few tricks up its sleeves and surprisingly leads in many areas. Find out who is the best where and who the overall winner is. The results will likely surprise you.

�� Additional resources
– Bing homepage:
– Google homepage:
– Search engine market share:

⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:58 Market share
1:40 Name recognition
2:44 Home page quality
4:09 Popular queries
4:46 Tail queries
5:36 Video search
6:16 Image search
6:56 Search answers
7:26 Shopping
7:49 Easter eggs
8:32 Rewards
9:08 Competition is good
9:30 Which search engine wins?

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