Affiliate Link Building: How to Do It the Right Way

Affiliate Link Building: How to Do It the Right Way

Want to earn through affiliate marketing but not sure on how to start? Check this guide on how you can do affiliate link building – the correct way.

I Paid Fiverr To Create An ENTIRE Affiliate Marketing Business For Me!

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I love testing new ideas and trying crazy things to make money with affiliate marketing…

Which is why I decided to try a new experiment and build an ENTIRE affiliate marketing business using nothing but Fiverr gigs!

I’m talking about the funnel, email sequence, and yes…even the traffic.

Feel free to leave any questions down below, enjoy!

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How I do Link Building for my clients (This ACTUALLY works)

So this is how i actually do Link Building for my clients. Obviously this isn’t everything I do, but i’m not going to give you guys all my secrets 😉 For that you have to go buy my course: !!

But in all seriousness guys, we’re going to cover 4 very powerful link building strategies that i’ve been using recently that have been giving me a lot of link building success.

We’re going to cover a couple things i’ve been doing to get some .edu and .gov backlinks which are definitely the hardest to get.

First thing we’re going to tackle is the student discount / employee discount pages that we can find in a lot of .edu and .gov domains. A lot of these are basically open to receiving any new discounts so you can submit your site and see if they’ll accept. I’ve had some solid success with this specific strategy.

Now let’s talk about how effective these backlinks are. Is this the most ideal backlink ever? The reality, is – obviously not. The ideal backlink is an in-content, highly relevant, high-authority backlink. For a lot of these backlinks we’re going to be listed with a bunch of random websites that don’t have anything to do with our business.

HOWEVER, if we can get some .edu and .gov backlinks is that going to help our overall authority? YES – so it’s definitely a great starting point.

Also, this whole discount thing is honestly applicable to almost any online group/ community. Think about a possible online community that your business can target and see if they have a resources/partner page where they’re linking out to other people.

If they are then i highly recommend sending an email to start that relationship and see if they’d like to collaborate in any way.

NEXT – we’re talking about the most valuable backlink potential list you could ever have. And thats your client list. Think about the list of people that trust you the most on the internet. These are people that have previously handed their credit card details to you and trust you because of a product/service you have provided.

Is there a way you can reach out to them and work on a guest blog or some type of collaboration? They’re definitely going to be a lot more receptive to your emails than other potential backlinks.

ALSO let’s talk about affiliate programs. My god, these are literally backlink factories and the best thing about them is that they also generate sales. I spend a big chunk of my time looking for new affiliate partners, and the good thing here is that most of the websites that im reaching out to are very relevant since those are really the only websites that would be eligible to be in the affiliate program. Lot’s of link building happens organically through affiliate programs, so definitely check that one out.

I also talk about a couple bonus tips in the video at the end that I recommend you check out. This is regarding hiring and some more .edu domains!!

Let me know what you guys think of all these link building strategies in the comments.

0:00 How I get .edu and .gov backlinks
1:43 Online Communities are a link building goldmine
2:07 The most powerful list of backlink opportunities
2:53 Creating link building incentives
3:17 BONUS Link Building Strategy
3:37 Turn your job post into a backlink
4:22 Enough Link Building Secrets


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Link Building for Affiliate Sites in 2022

In this video, we gonna talk about link building strategies for affiliate sites. I mean the latest and evergreen strategies that will exponentially increase traffic to your site in 2022.

What I’ll cover:
00:00 – Affiliate Link Building
1:43 – Creating Linkable Skyscraper Content
4:37 – Guest Posting
5:23 – HARO (Help A Reporter Out)
6:30 – Shareable Visual Content
7:20 – Recap & Conclusion

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Link Building for Affiliate Sites in 2022
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